Biotech around the World: The West Coast of the United States

GEN, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, begins its Biotech around the World series with a feature on the West Coast of the United States. Through interviews with biotech executives in California and Washington, the piece explores the unique qualities of the West Coast and what innovations are taking place in the area.

Dr. Andrew Scharenberg, CEO and co-founder of Seattle-based Umoja Pharma, describes the Pacific Northwest as “a hub of ground-breaking discoveries for cell and gene therapies” that was fueled by the innovative early work of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

“Even as the life science research in the Pacific Northwest has matured and young biopharma companies have been acquired, a spirit of innovation in the cell and gene therapy space has persisted,” Dr. Scharenberg said. “The hothouse of early-stage biotechnology companies here is fueled by innovators from our universities and medical centers. The accumulated knowledge and expertise make Seattle and the broader region attractive for high-impact talent to relocate and join the same causes.”