Seagen’s cancer drug succeeds in ‘must-win’ trial

Bothell-based biotech company Seagen found success in a clinical trial testing a variety of cancer drugs. Roughly 1,000 participants joined the trial and some received a combination of Keytruda, a treatment from Merck & Co., and Seagen and Astellas’ drug Padcev.

The three companies stated that they achieved the two main goals of the trial: treated patients lived longer and did so without experiencing progressions in their diseases or symptoms. Earlier this year, the Keytruda-Padcev combination was approved on condition by the FDA due to its ability to drastically shrink tumors in clinical trials.

“This study has the potential to be practice changing and offer a new standard of care for first-line metastatic bladder cancer,” said Roger Dansey, Seagen’s president of research and development.

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