Lumen Bioscience wins historic $1.5M Wilkes Center Climate Prize

Lumen Bioscience, a Seattle-based biotech company, won the University of Utah’s $1.5 million Wilkes Center Climate Prize.

77 other candidates were submitted for the Wilkes Center Climate Prize, a new award that supports organizations in their efforts to find solutions to climate change. The prize is sponsored by University of Utah’s Wilkes Center for Climate Science & Policy, which was created in 2022 to respond to growing climate concerns.

“Lumen Bioscience has an audacious, creative goal to reduce methane emissions, a major contributor to climate change,” said William Anderegg, director of the Wilkes Center. “It’s perfect for the Wilkes Climate Prize—we want to supercharge a credible, ambitious idea that may be too risky for traditional funding sources. They’ve patented the technology and they’ve shown it works in the lab. Now, we want them to scale it up.”

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