Aptevo Soars on Reports of Complete Remission in AML

Aptevo Therapeutics, a Seattle-based biotech company, has seen a 46% rise in stock price per share as a result of positive data from its ongoing study. The study showed its treatment APVO, when in combination with chemotherapy, led to complete remission in the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia.

“The data presented here demonstrate that this combination has the potential to promote anti-tumor responses two-fold. First, by improving the fitness of exhausted effector CD8+ T cells. Second, by reducing the potential for activation of suppressive responses by T regulatory subsets… This dual biological mechanism of action offers the potential for development of a compound that acts against both solid and hematologic tumors and in the presence of addition immunomodulatory treatments or modalities such as CAR T or adoptive immune cell therapies,” said Hilario Ramos, senior director of immunobiology at Aptevo.

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