Lumen Bioscience Announces $5.5 Million Funding to Support New Research Program for Mucosal Vaccine Platform Technology

Seattle-based biotech company Lumen Bioscience (Lumen) received $5.5 million from the U.S. Department of Defense to support its research and development of needleless vaccines.

Lumen’s Modular Dual Scaffolded Adjuvant (MoDuSA) program involves the creation of vaccines that can be administered orally or nasally, rather than with a needle. Lumen uses adjuvants, or ingredients that can increase the efficacy of a vaccine, to make these new vaccination methods possible.

 “Covid-19 revealed that vaccines are still the most powerful option in the public health toolkit. However, injection delivery is still required for nearly all vaccines on the market, which limits access,” said Dr. Nhi Khuong, vice president of Lumen’s preclinical division.  “This new technology could expand access and ease vaccine production, storage, and administration in future public health emergencies.”

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