Life sciences investors share tips on raising funds and conserving cash in a tight market

At the annual Life Science Innovation Northwest conference, life science funding and investment experts joined to discuss the current funding landscape in the “Finance: Defining the new normal” panel.

The panel covered key takeaways in life science funding as a result of witnessing a record year in capital funding and investments in 2021. Panelists discussed how companies should find creative ways to raise capital and consider options such as partnerships and early mergers and acquisitions.

“Starting a company in a market like this in many ways actually sets you up more for success. Because it’s so much harder to access the capital, once you get it, the plan and the science have to be much more clear,” said Monica Beam, senior vice president for science & technology at Alexandria Real Estate Equities. “You’re doing it at valuations that are more sensible, instead of being overly reliant on an over-exuberant market. My advice would be to really understand the problem you’re solving and what the real need for it is.”

(Photo courtesy Red Box Pictures / Scott Eklund Photo)