De Novo Luciferases Created Using AI from Baker Lab, Monod Bio

Seattle-based biotech Monod Bio has licensed a new luciferase technology (LuxSit), which is a de novo enzyme luciferase technology. The technology comes from the lab of Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine and Monod Bio co-founder David Baker, PhD, who discovered how to use machine learning to create new enzymes.

Baker’s team at the university recently published their work in “Nature,” in the paper “De novo design of luciferases using deep learning.” Incorporating the new LuxSit de novo luciferase technology with Monod’s biosensors will generate new commercial opportunities for the company.

“I am thrilled that Monod Bio will be advancing LuxSit for its use in life sciences. This is just the first example of what we can now achieve using de novo proteins for biosensors and diagnostics,” said David Baker, PhD, a professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine and co-founder of Monod Bio.