Seattle-area health startup One Item expands CDC-backed heart study

One Item, a Seattle-area startup, is continuing its partnership with the University of Arkansas for Medical Studies (UAMS), expanding a study of rural Arkansas communities at risk of poor heart health.

The study aims to reduce health outcome inequality in rural Arkansas by prioritizing areas for improvement in their health and lifestyle through One Item’s Health Science Index app. Through a survey regarding exercise, sleep, water intake, nutrition, and other health issues, the app pinpoints critical emphasis areas and provides daily reminders on focus areas and links to educational materials.

“Improving quality and duration of life starts with a client’s willingness to include wellness-seeking behaviors in their daily routine,” said Irion Pursell, director of cardiovascular disease primary prevention at UAMS. “The app facilitates wellness by prioritizing specific areas for action and providing content on particular activities a client can include in their daily routine.”