Sana and BioLife Tout BioForest Region as Best Place to Work

Two Washington-based biotechs have made BioSpace’s 2023 Best Places to Work report. Seattle-based Sana Biotechnology has been voted the best place to work in the small employer category, along with Bothell-based BioLife Solutions.

The report asks respondents to rate their top choice organizations in compensation, innovation, career growth opportunities, leadership, culture, diversity, equity and inclusion, reputation, flexibility and remote work.

Sana has created an empowering company culture and believes people are the main component driving it forward. BioLife Solutions recognizes the importance of investing in people and recently completed a full renovation to its office space.

“My most important job is to build and empower a really great executive team,” said Steve Harr, president and CEO of Sana Biotechnology. “The evolution has been really positive for the company – fresh minds and fresh perspectives help us continue to grow.”