Life sciences industry in Washington state: New trade group chief on sustaining growth and bolstering workforce

Marc Cummings, CEO of Life Science Washington, took the stage at Life Science Innovation Northwest 2022 to share his expertise in a live interview with GeekWire’s Charlotte Schubert.

Cummings stepped into his new role as CEO in a prime growth period, with life science employment rising 23.5% from 2015 to 2019 in Washington state and investment in the field accelerating in the last two years.

Cummings shed light on life science growth in Washington, how the community can support growth through increased visibility and the future of the industry.

“I hope we stay on this trajectory. We have grown sort of a very early- to mid-stage kind of corporate culture here,” said Cummings. “Now that we’ve got companies growing and staying and expanding, the next five years is about owning our growth.”