Fierce Medtech’s 2021 Fierce 15

Tasso, a Seattle-based biotech company, has been included in Fierce Medtech’s 2021 Fierce 15 list. This year’s class features innovators working to build new approaches through remote diagnostics, in-home health care and solutions for researchers to work and collaborate virtually.

Tasso has focused on providing in-home solutions and patient-centric care through a wearable blood collection device, enabling an easy solution to perform diagnostic tests from home. Tasso believes the device is a way to fully enable the promises of telemedicine.

“The central information that you use for clinical decision-making is mainly through blood or broadly through diagnostics. Getting the blood collected and having that be convenient and easy to do for patients has been a huge barrier,” said Ben Casavant, CEO and co-founder of Tasso. “We had a simple premise of saying, instead of miniaturizing equipment to bring to the home or shuttling people into the hospital, how could we keep people where they were and extend the reach of healthcare and make it easier, convenient and empower people to have access to that critical information in a simpler, more efficient way?”

(Photo:  courtesy Tasso)

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