Assistive tech startup led by former NASA engineer uses an AI ‘parrot’ to help people with disabilities

Spokane, Washington-based startup Parrots Inc. is gaining recognition for its innovative AI-powered product that helps individuals using wheelchairs communicate and navigate their surroundings more efficiently. The company won second place at a Novartis-sponsored competition for assistive tech in 2021 and has been recently recognized by both the Association of Washington Business and Washington’s Department of Commerce.

Parrot Inc. is working to make technology like what famous physicist Stephen Hawking used more accessible and affordable for all. The company currently has 200 early users.

“There are millions of people like Stephen Hawking out there, just missing accessible technologies to be the next scientist, engineer, designer, whatever they want to be. And I want to empower all of them to be able to achieve their dreams,” said David Hojah, CEO of Parrots Inc.

(Photo: Parrots CEO David Hojah (left) with Parrot advisor Steve Saling and the company’s product, “Polly.” Courtesy Parrots Inc.)

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