Sujal Patel-led Nautilus Biotechnology goes public as it tackles ambitious plan to analyze proteins

Nautilus Biotechnology recently raised $345 million via SPAC to fuel a new approach that could accelerate biomedical research and transform drug development. Propelled by this infusion of capital, the Seattle and San Carlos-based company aims to double its workforce by the end of next year, to more than 200 employees.

Founded in 2016, Nautilus fuses life sciences, computer and data science, and physical sciences and engineering together under one umbrella to analyze the proteome, which are the set of proteins in a biological sample.

CEO Sujal Patel commented, “Inside our company’s walls there are protein biochemists and nanofabrication engineers working on the chip, there are software engineers, optical engineers, machine learning engineers, single molecule biophysicists. This broad range of disciplines really lends itself to a company and a commercial organization.”

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