AI is boosting drug discovery and development — and sparking questions about proprietary data

In a panel discussion at Life Science Washington’s annual conference, Life Science Innovation Northwest, Danielle Greenawalt (Scientific Executive Director of Translational Informatics and Predictive Sciences, BMS), Lynda Stuart (Executive Director, Institute for Protein Design), Sean McClain (CEO, AbSci), Jonathan Cohen (Vice President of Applied Research, NVIDIA) and moderator Joseph Sirosh (former Chief Technology Officer of AI, Microsoft) discussed Washington state’s leadership role in AI and life sciences.

The panel discussed why the Pacific Northwest’s unique blend of computing expertise and advanced science, make it the perfect hub to be a leader in AI.  

“The Pacific Northwest has the compute, it has the biotech, but it also has a kind of culture of collaboration and sharing that is not present in certain other parts of the country,” said Stuart.

Other topics covered by the panel included how AI is progressing drug discovery, how to standardize biological data and key considerations for open-source AI models in life science and biotech.

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