3 execs on why Seattle’s economy is equitable and inclusive for women in business

Three executives discussed the inclusivity and supportiveness of Seattle’s economy as it pertains to women in business. Seattle, which holds significant female involvement across government and corporate positions, ranked the sixth best city for women in 2023 in a recent WalletHub study.

Linda Zuckerman, executive vice president and global head of biotherapeutics at Seattle-based Just-Evotec Biologics, discussed her experience working in the city’s life sciences. She noted that 45% of Washington’s life science workforce is female, one of the highest rates across STEM industries.

“When I started my professional career in Seattle and wanted to get into leadership, I cold-called other women vice presidents in the city to seek out their advice,” Zuckerman said. “I was at the director level and they all took my call and gave me their time, which shows how inclusive the Seattle community is in terms of women supporting other women.”

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