Univ. of Washington set to break ground on 69-acre redevelopment to create Seattle innovation hub

The University of Washington plans to begin construction this year on its Brightwork building as part of its Portage Bay Crossing redevelopment program.

The building, expected to stand at 11 stories and hold nearly 350,000 square feet, will house some of the university’s research branches, including the Brotman Baty Institute for Precision Medicine and the Institute for Protein Design. It will utilize several sustainable measures including onsite stormwater treatment and photovoltaic solar panels.

“The intellectual work that will occur inside these buildings, and inside this space, we hope will solve some of the nation’s and the world’s biggest problems,” said Randy Hodgins, vice president for external affairs at the University of Washington.

Other elements of Portage Bay Crossing are still underway. The university expects the finished development to span nearly 70 acres of its campus and plans to incorporate broader initiatives such as housing, retail spaces, academic research facilities and support for startups and companies.

“We’re not a private, profit-making company,” Hodgins said. “And while there’s nothing wrong with commercial ventures, we have an obligation to embrace a lot of different kinds of partners.”

Photo credit: Wexford Science & Technology Image 

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