NextGen Class of 2024: Top Life Sciences Startups to Watch This Year

Seattle-based companies Bonum Therapeutics and Cajal Neuroscience are among BioSpace’s life science startups to watch in 2024.

BioSpace’s NextGen Class of 2024 identified this year’s top 30 life sciences companies, over half of which reside in major innovation hubs on the West Coast.

Cajal Neuroscience, which is developing a platform to inform discoveries around brain degeneration, ranked 13th on the list. The company received funding from notable names including Bristol Myers Squibb and Lux Capital.

Immune-oncology-focused Bonum Therapeutics came in 16th. The startup launched in November 2022 and received nearly $100 million in Series A funding.

The rankings were determined through criteria including potential for growth, innovative efforts, financial support and partnerships. Companies must have launched between September 2022 and September 2023 and received Series A funding to be considered.

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